About Us

Birth village being one of India’s leading natural birth centres has been privileged to work with multitude of women and their families from all across the globe. We felt a growing desire from the women that we served a need for pure natural wellness products that spoke to them and their babies directly. And that has led us to birth our new baby- healing hands. We at healing hands believe in bringing to you remedies that are slowly being lost from our back yard. They are all sourced from the best natural resources that we have from our country.

The two most important aspects that you will experience with healing hands are Purity and calmness. These are products that will spark your inner self. We will always remain chemical and paraben free.
We hope that healing hands will nurture you and gift you the love and care with which we have crafted our products after intensive search and study.
Why use healing hands?

We are a completely women run organisation that strongly prides in knowing what a woman would want for herself when it comes to identifying self care and what would be best for her loved ones. We would never trade or introduce anything into our selling space that would comprise ethics, honesty and true care. We would consider each and every product to be the best and nothing short of that would be on our counter.