Traditional Postpartum Bath Kizhi (PACK OF 7)

The nalpamaram kizhi  (7 pieces/set) is a herbal combination of four ficus tree barks that helps in relaxing your body, reduces swelling and body ache too.


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Nalpamaram Kizhi – It is a Traditional bath kizhi (7 pieces/set) which helps to soothe and relax your body after birth. It comes in a pack of 7 for a 7-day bath.



Kizhi infused water must be prepared 24 hours prior to the bath.
 Take 14 litres water for your bath in a vessel.
 Boil water with a kizhi in it. You will notice that the water turns red.
 Simmer up to 5-10 minutes after it boils.
 Prior to having your bath heat the water again until scalding hot.

Traditionally, the bath water is scalding hot. For best results please use as hot as possible.

Weight 750 g


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