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Lavender oil is a universal oil. It isn’t just a favourite because of its classic scent—it’s also highly versatile. From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse many areas of your life. It helps in healing allergies, burns, inflammations, good for all skin types, pains, infections, abdominal cramps, nervous tensions, insomnia, depression, PMS. It helps to relax during labor thereby enhancing the faster progress of labor.

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6 reviews for Healing Hands Lavender Oil

  1. I would like to review a new product which I have been using recently called ‘healing hands’ lavender oil. Its works like magic on swellings and joint pain. Especially for people like me who are prone to injuries this is a life saver! I applied the oil immediately on my ankle when I injured myself while driving and it massively reduced the pain and swelling.
    And girls I used it in my diffuser during my periods and the aroma was so relaxing.
    I am hooked!!

  2. ”Lavender oil is associated with fragrance by most of us and so I’ve always loved it’s smell in the house. It’s a wonderful infusion for a air freshening burner at home! When my little one started showing symptoms of cold, I was worried. The advice by his pediatrist was to give him nasal drops. I couldn’t think of that. I’m of the mindset that less medicines, more immunity. However, I couldn’t take a chance with my baby and so I turned to my experienced midwife for advice. Dona who always has a solution, gave me the remedy: Lavender Oil! I bought a bottle of ‘Healing Hands’ Lavender Oil from Birthvillage the same day. We say medicines or remedies work well when we believe in it. And it worked like magic! I used it for my little one by rubbing on his feet and chest after which I wore a warm sleep suit for him. I also rubbed few drops on my palm and made him inhale a couple of times which helped the phlegm to come out. He slept peacefully that night. From then on, Lavender oil is the first medical remedy for most of the minor medical issues we have at home. I put in a few drops in the water for his bath and also while rinsing baby clothes in place of fabric softener. It helps me too when I feel the need of a relaxing bath. Lavender oil kills bacteria which makes it an effective medicinal remedy for a lot of our health issues. For those of you don’t know the uses of Lavender Oil, it’s a great remedy for cold, stress, minor burns or insect bites, dandruff, eczema and dry or chapped skin, nausea, cuts, sleeplessness, cold sores and hay fever. Rest you can read online like I did! smile emoticon And I’m glad to get a solution every time I come to Birthvillage! Love you dears for the amazing help and care that you are providing for moms!!!”

  3. The lavender essential oil from Healing Hands is a blessing. Whether you’re a new mom or is looking for home remedies, this one here is absolutely helpful. The aroma helps induce sleep and I use it in a diffuser in the room at bedtime or rub on pillows and blanket edges.
    I’ve found it most effective for sitz spas after my VBAC: drops of the oil in warm water helped heal the stitches and cleared up any foul smell in the perineal area. Also a relaxant, we use it for kids and ourselves in the bath.

  4. “I use Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil and Rosemary Oil for my sitz baths.
    Lavender oil is a great product to use in pedicures as well!”

  5. Lavender oil- I love the aroma of Healing Hands Lavender oil and the room smells great when I diffuse the oil.

  6. Lavender oil
    I love love love this one!!!
    The smell of it, it instantly lifts my mood.
    1) mopping the floor- I add a few drops to the water and the house smells amazing.
    2) I use it for my bath and it really is soothing and calming
    3) I also use it as a perfume sometimes by just taking a few drops on my hand and massaging it.
    4) use it on insect bites
    5) works on my acne
    This is the best Lavender oil I have ever used.
    Highly recommended.

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