Healing Hands Lemon Oil

Lemon oil helps in healing cuts, insect bites, mouth ulcers, spots, warts, nosebleeds, varicose veins. It is highly antiseptic and anti-bacterial. Your teens can add a drop to their evening moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes, while you can add it to your conditioner for an aromatic treat that softens and shines the look of your hair.

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1 review for Healing Hands Lemon Oil

  1. I used it for my grandma whose nose used to bleed every time. We consulted doctors for it and she had to go through a tonne of medicines. She used meds for two days and stopped due to the heavy dosage of meds which made her very tired. Later I found the benefits of Lemon Oil and bought one from birthvillage. I asked my grandma to smell it in every 30 minutes and in 3 days time her bleeding completely stopped and she was feeling better. It also helped in healing my son’s wound fast. A must medical kit for a home.

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